Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Divorce-iversary to Me!

Wow, that was a fast nine years. Except for the slow parts. Anyway, I think August 15 was the day it became final. It was somewhere around there. As my attorney at the time, I advised myself to accept a default, and I didn't have to go to court or anything, just sign some papers. There wasn't really anything to fight over, luckily. The cats were divided amicably. Well, we did fight over some records, and I still think she stole my copy of American Splendor #1, but I can't prove it.

Now, if you will, join me in having a beer and enjoying a Divorce-iversary ritual: The reciting of one of my favorite snips of dialogue from the movie "Lenny" (starring Dustin Hoffman):

CHINESE RESTAURANT DUDE: Where Missis? She's the prettiest girl I ever see. She sick? Here the fortune cookie, and say "hello" to her. She a wonderful wife.

LENNY BRUCE: We're divorced.


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towelie said...

Congratulations! Wanna git high?