Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is there any other way?

New York Dolls - Dance Like a Monkey

Pretty quiet here in CBRAT land lately ... and with the low hit-count to match. But ... coming soon, I think -- because a flurry of Site Meter referrals from hyah tell me the demand is there -- we're finally going to dive deep into the saga me and One O Ball like to call

The Ballroom Blitz

Starring One O Ball, Killer, and Bluntie as "Otis Ball And The Chains"; Zipgun, No Eraser Head, and Mr. Newspaper as "The Loose Cannons"; and Reverend Touchy, Larry Bowels, and The Stickler as "The Wet Blankets Kleenexes." With a supporting cast of hundreds, including Jim "Dude" Moran, Greg "THIS And That" Dunlap, Ryan "Kissy Viper Fish" Jerving, Shalini "I Ain't Sayin' She A Gold Digger" Chatterjee, John "Unfathomable" Pagageorge, Steve "Self Googler" Laux, and some very frightened Chinese banquet waiters. Not to mention an assortment of mutant two-dimensional sex freaks.

Tears, property damage, genital warts hangups, angry Trotskyites, angrier Christians, bad sex on LSD, financial ruin, underground outlaw journalism, (literally) underground outlaw rock and roll, campus hijinks aplenty, and a whoooole lotta trubba, fellas.

It's "Cotton Candy" meets "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." And kicks the hell out of it.

Stay tuned. And stay toweled.

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naroic lime productions said...

It's yer lucky day. I'll take a development deal with an option to buy, if you'll toss in the Caddy Shack story too.

Wasn't that worth the wait?