Friday, August 04, 2006

Ma & Pa Moss Say Hello, from the Past

Still remote-bloggin' from the village that, in the 1970s, used to call itself "The Rural Community of the Future." Now I guess it is the future ... and the community's not so rural anymore. It's not urban ... but the suburban sprawl swallowed it here years ago, and the suburbs somehow manage to hold none whatosever of any of the charms of the city or the country ... the suburbs just seem to sit there like a dead husk of obnoxious charmlessness, with no liveliness and no personality at all. (Kind of like most Republicans I know.) But the proprietors of CBRAT are is having a lazy, lonely, but not unpleasant little Friday evening up here in the Far North Suburbs, regardless, rural-future-community style. (What is a "rural community of the future," anyway? It brings to mind George Jetson crossed with Oliver Wendall Douglas. "Liiisa!!! Stop these crazy hotscakes!!!!") Making use of the rurally futuristical back yard at Casa del Moss's Parents tonight, yer CBRAT staffers grilled a steak and some sweet corn, fixed a little bruschetta salad, watched the White Sox beat the Blue Jays on cable TV, and drank a few beers. (Still working on that last part. Plenty of beer left.) And went through some old snapshots laying about the place.

Here's one of Ma and Pa Moss (parents of STDPM, in case that isn't clear) that I found and ran through the Rural Scanner of the Present and jpegificated. The writing on the back says it was taken in 1979, which would have made Ma and Pa Moss 38 years old in this picture, which happens to be Yer Humble Blogger's age right now, in the present. (Or is that future? Now I'm totally confused. But that's okay. I was confused in the past, and I'm sure I will be confused in the future. So it's all all right.)

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