Thursday, September 06, 2007

Swedes Rock Thursday / Sports Suck ... also happening to be ... another feature of this blog offered tonight ... on a Thursday

Yeah, I swear I'm gonna write something someday. For now, hey, why not enjoy this Dungen veddeo? It's borkadelic!

Ta Det Lugnt (live arkoustic at someplace)

Whoa. Did I forget to warn you that you better get real stoned first? Sorry.

Meanwhile ... Hey hey! Wholly shit-a-shit! Much doubt about it! We have an ersatz pennant race going on in Chicago right now, on the North Side. Ersatz because ... despite hanging onto a share of first place by the skin of their late-inningly-porous teeth tonight, the Cubs suck with the suction of a thousand Wacky Wall Walkers. Or ... or ... or ... do they?

Just kidding. They totally do.

The Mountain Goats - Cubs in Five (live at Pitchfork 2006)

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