Friday, December 12, 2008

'Tis STILL the season?!? Oh, Jaysus, what'd I do to deserve this?!?

As per allusions I've made over on another blog (no further hints here, Google stalkers), I like the Pogues and I like Kirsty MacColl.

Meanwhile, despite honest efforts to the contrary, I hate Christmas. But, still, here below is a confluence of the thrixt of em. Which turns out pretty nice on balance, even I have to admit.

By the way, did you know that if you add enough alcohol to a Swede you produce an Irishman? I think it's true, anyway. Apropos of nothing. Add more alcohol, and you just get a drunker Mick. Sorry. I don't control physics.

Well, I don't.

Anyway. The below-embeddenated number, "Fairy Tale of New York," is a favorite of mine, Christmas or no. In terms of "Christmas = yes," it is way, way up there. It's in my top three favorite Christmas songs, probably. I've never listed them, but I figure it's worth that grade.

There is also some personal history that goes with the song, but I'll not convert that to narrative for you at this time, but will save it for later. Amen.

One last thing, though. Next week, the 18th, will mark the eighth anniversary of the tragic death of Kirsty MacColl, who we'd all be better off having around now, if we'd have been so lucky.


Jayson Harsin said...

I'm with you on this one, Stronger. It's a great song any day of the year, but it's especially tonic during the hollerdays. Great video version, man. Oh, and electricity just comes from the wall, so encourage all your friends to keep multi-colored and flashing lights (that rival Vegas')on all the time. Jesus is watching and is deeply moved.

STDPM said...

Nothing sez "Yuletide" to me as aptly as the lyrics:

You scumbag, you maggot
You cheap lousy faggot
Happy Christmas your arse
I pray God it's our last