Friday, December 12, 2008

Cubs Report: The Stove Is Cold, the Oven Is Slack. Peavy's Not Comin', and Cotts'll Be Back

Well, the whole report is pretty much in the title. No sense gilding the lily, as they say.

But the fact remains, it is deep, dark meteorological winter (if not astronomical same), and baseball, baseball is what I miss.

The other sports don't do it. I'm not against football, basketball, hockey, or mixed martial arts, but ... they don't do it. For one thing, you can't find a song about football like this one:

Harpo Marx - Take Me Out to the Ball Game

POSTSCRIPT: Yeah, I know I said no more YouTubes never, but ... one can't hurt. And rules were made to be broken. Especially the rules I make.

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