Monday, November 24, 2008

CBRAT: Now With 60% Masculinity

Have you heard of this thing, "GenderAnalyzer"? It's one of those "type the URL in the blank and click the button" doohickeys, and it purports to "[use] Artificial Intelligence to determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman."

The verdict on this here site:

We guess is written by a man (60%), however it's quite gender neutral.

Fair enough. I am a man, I guess. And I am quite gender neutral, in terms of the way I write. Isn't one supposed to be?

Also, I guess my knowledge of proper comma usage is superior to yours, Mr. and/or Ms. G.A. dot Com.

What of it?

(By the way, "DefensivenessAnalyzer" has not, to my knowledge, been invented. But, if it had, I'm guessing that CBRAT would garner a score of at least "75% defensive." And if you don't like that -- too fucking bad.)

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