Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CBRAT Meta Post: Now With Less Stuff Up Front

Firefox 3 continues to be the shittiest browser I've ever used ... and I continue to keep using it, because I like AdBlock Plus, mainly. And I refuse to touch IE. And too many pages won't load correctly in Opera. And Google has enough of my goddamn personal info without me using Chrome.

Anyway, Firefox 3 and embedded YouTube videos do not play together nice at all, at least on this computer, and I have gotten dead sick of waiting 15 minutes for the page to load every time I want to look at the blog. Seriously, every time I proofread a post, and every time I need to insert a fricking missing comma or misspelled word, I have to deal with this fucking browser locking up, and sometimes freezing completely.

So. First of all, I've limited the number of posts displaying on the front page to seven. It's archived weekly, so it should be easier to load bits of the archive, if for some reason you need to catch up on older ones.

Second ... I know this is going to break zillions of hearts out there ... no more YouTubes. They just work way too much like shit. And I have to put up with too much shit in other aspects of life to be willing to put up with it in a toy blog. I'll leave in the ones already embedded, but I have embedded my last YouTube vid here. Ever. From now on, if I really fucking want somebody to check out a vid, I'll paste in the url. But for the most part, this cocksucker is going to be limited to words, and the occasional still foto.

So ... welcome to the brave new audiovisual-less world, CBRAT-wise.

OK, that's all. See you on the other end of tomorrow's gluttony.


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