Monday, October 06, 2008

And that's all she wrote ... but I think she's just pausing to put more toner in the printer

Thus ends the 2008 baseball season in Chicago.

In less than a month, the 2008 election season in the USA will also end ... I hope to God. (Or, in lieu of belief in God by me, a reasonable facsimile thereof -- such as, my big red lamp. Make it stop, Big Red Lamp! I beseech thee!)

Shortly after that, the despised and dreaded ... ugh ... holiday season. Which, painful as it is, will end on January 1. Which is not really all that far away.

And a little over a month after that ... Spring Training 2009 begins. Why, it might as well be tomorrow.

In the words of Frank Zappa, the torture never stops.

POSTSCRIPT: Yeah, I'm probably going to watch the rest of the playoff seriesesez, because I almost always do. And, to some surprise, I am finding that I dislike the Angels even more than the Red Sox, which I couldn't have guessed prior to about five minutes ago, when I caught myself hoping the Carmines will finish them off tonight. I was under the impression that the Red Sox were my least favorite team (they bug me even more than the Yankees -- at least since 2004). I must be favoring them because I predicted in early June that they'd be facing the Phillies in the World Series. And getting a prediction right is more important than maintaining a good hate. Although if that is the World Series match-up, it's going to be awfully difficult to pick a team to root for. It'll be like some kind of giant Obnoxious-Off.


pj said...

hey imply you don't dig the holidaze yet that is when mr. jacobsen brings forth his special cookies and that,my friend, is cause for celebration even if you have no other joy

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

Ah yes, thank you for reminding me, sir. Something to look forward to, indeed.