Friday, February 29, 2008

Hey Blogosphere, I gotta note!

Dear Blogosphere,

Please excuse little Stronger Than Dirt Pete from finishing his rambling and questionable multi-part post about Cole Hall at Northern Illinois University today. I know it's overdue, but he has a cold and needs to focus on coughing, aching, and being a baby about it. He'll write up the conclusion when he feels better like it.


Moss's Mother

POSTSCRIPT -- HORRIBLE, STUPID, TRITE POSTSCRIPT: In the meantime you can compare and contrast my approach to the subject with that taken by a certain post-disgraced columnist with the non-initials "ob reene." Can you guess what he says before you click the link? Here's a hint: on-campus shooting sprees -- he's agin em. And, somehow, for some reason, he attempts to link them up with the presidential election campaign. My favorite line: "Please disregard the previous mayhem." Oh, I'm way ahead of you, "ob."


fezmondo said...

It makes me feel better that none of the reaction comments after the article are positive.

Did Bob insert this blurb at the end himself?:
"Bob Greene is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author."

Darius said...

It reminds me of Rapture-Pusher Jerry Jenkins' bio, back when he was "writing" (in the most liberal sense of the word) the Gil Thorp comic strip, describing him as a highly-sought humorist.

Say what?

Like Greene, his real legacy on this planet lies elsewhere. But also like Greene, anything he can do to distance himself from it is probably a good idea.