Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Say it loud!

I'm back and I'm proud!

Vacation time is over. Back to work like a cranked-up monkey on crank. And after work is done ... No time to blog-ue, blog me the idol, I blog you the whip! Oh, that's just my pet blog, Reggie. I hate blogs!!!

Yeah. There were some totally superfluous references to the opening portion of Raiders of the Lost Ark in the last part there. Did you spot them? Did you notice they are standing in for any substantive content? Me too.

Vacations mean good times, good topics. Check back in the next couple of ... indeterminate time units ... for More to Come on some or all or more or none of the following topics:

• La Festa Italiana
• Hookah with a heart of gold
• Vintage Base Ball World Series
Harold Ball and Kumar Than Dirt Go to Pizza Hut
• Habaneros and Brimstone Diet: A Recipe for Pain

For now, here's this one-part lesson on How to Tell You Are on Vacation. Lesson One: You wake up with a splitting headache, and a real dog with you in bed.

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steele said...

Hey! Cute pic! Which one is you?