Friday, August 03, 2007

Cubs fans are dumb, and other things that go without saying

This blog has been, like, not blogging itself lately. Which is a shame, cuz I haven't been blogging it either. Maybe later. After spending the better part (or, more accurately, worse, worser, and worsest parts) of 2007 working on a new publication for my ayday objay (which new publication is now finally on the market, but spare me the invitation to celebrate -- I don't really do that, ever), I just haven't had any interest in playing with words in my spare time. Even this is painful, right now. Ouch! Ouchouchouch!!! But it's starting to become even more painful to look at the non-extant-ness of this white-on-black webular space, knowing full well that I could do better (the four most hateful words in the English language, in my opinion -- at least when placed in that specific order). So ... here's another empty threat: More posts to come soon. Or not.

I'm heading over to the Roky Erickson show tonight at Abbey Pub, so I might as well promise to do a review of that. Why not? I can always renege.

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