Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pop Lecture and Video Seminar 5/15/10

The Boomerang Effect. It's an old story, how traditional West African music has been the dominant influence on North American blues music. The Boomerang Effect describes what happens when Western instruments and Western pop music has its own influence on contemporary African music. Songs from the North Mississippi Hill Country and songs from the Sahel in Mali communicate with one another, sharing a rhythmic drone some people call "Trance Boogie." Case in point: The Tuareg band Tinariwen -- formed in 1979 and achieving global acclaim in the early 2000s.

Fred McDowell - Shake Em On Down

RL Burnside - Shake 'em On Down

Junior Kimbrough - Lord, Have Mercy On Me

Tinariwen - Imazeghen N Adagh

Tinariwen - Lulla

Tinariwen - Amassakoul

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