Friday, February 12, 2010

As shocking as a dead battery

So Obama is essentially planning on being a one-termer. Makes sense. He should have enough time to wreak enough destruction on the squashed cigarette butt that is the remainder of the middle class. His function really has been (and note I'm saying "function" rather than "job" -- because as mathematical and biological scientists have shown, you don't need an intelligent designer for certain patterns to emerge) to effect a smooth transition from Republican to Republican, with more Republican in the middle, while throwing a wet blanket on whatever left-leaning (if sadly incoherent) sentiment had welled up over Dubya's eight years.

In an interview with Bloomberg BusinessWeek on newsstands Friday, Obama said a presidential budget commission needs to look at all options for deficit reduction - including tax increases and cuts in spending on such programs as Social Security and Medicare.

To misquote Bruno Kirby in Spinal Tap -- "Yes, we can, if Lloyd Blankfein says it's OK first. Because Lloyd calls all the shots."

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