Friday, March 06, 2009

G'Dye, mate! Can o' grog! Bludger'll grab some billabong!

The White Sox are playing Team Australia later this afternoon at the Cameltoe. I think streaming will be available online for free, but I'm more likely to be playing hooky outdoors, since it's one of the 20 nice weather days we get per annum in Chicago.

Anyway, it's all I can do to keep from filling this post full of wacky Aussie slang ... takes a fair dinkum amount of matilda-waltzing willpower to resist ... a veritable baby-eating dingo's supply ... must ... resist ... stupid Aussie ... slang ... resistance ... slipping ... shrimp on barbie ... shrimp on barbie ...

Krikey, I give.

G'Dye Jermaine, where's the Sheilas? The Foster's on ice and the Vegemite's on me!

So get a good pozzy, veg out, and strap it down under. It's a ripper day for baseball!

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