Friday, December 14, 2007

Just needs to work on the jowlage a little bit

In this pic cribbed from the NY Post, here's one David Letterman doing a pretty good impersonation of yours truly, Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss. Welcome to the fraternity of the weird beards, Dave.

In other news, the electric baseboard heater in the war room here at CBRAT Central shorted out last night -- with a very loud buzz and a pop, sparks, burning wire insulation, acrid smoke -- all very adrenaline-pumping excitement indeed. I've shut off the relevant circuit breaker to keep the fire risk at CBRAT Central down to a minimum, but that means the other, nonbroken heater is also out of commission -- so it's cold in here. Colder than a witch's saline implant. Which, due to the salt content, has a freezing point well below 32 Fahrenheit, so you know that can get pretty cold. It's the same basic principle employed in yer old-fashioned ice cream makers. Yup.

Typing is not facilitated by these conditions. In a couple hours, when crocktrail hour rolls around, maybe that'll help. It won't hurt, I don't think. Later on, maybe I'll pretend I'm in an episode of my new favorite show, "Everest: Beyond The Limits," bloggically. So stay tuned, fellow Eskimos and Eskimixes. Frostbite and cerebral edema reports to follow.

UPDATE: The building manager came and fixed the heater, so now the only reason it's cold in here is because of my usual crazy old-man miserliness. Huzzah.

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Anonymous said...

Cold baseboards, warmed cockles, frozen fish fingers, INNNNN December.

This is the worst comment that I have written.