Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It Is All Deja Over Vu Again With the Deja Vu, Again, All Over, Already, or, Nobody Goes There Cuz It's Too Crowded and Full of Total Cockholes

Hey! Long time since a baseball post! Or any post at all! But especially a baseball one!

Well, the White Sox particularly Suck right now. But ... hey, on the "bright" side, the Cubs have become a hot commodity again. Yeah! Fuck the heck!

Tonight the Cubs beat the Cards, 7-1, and the Brewers lost to Cincy, 7-3, so the Cubs are now just 2.0 back in the NL Central. And ... uh ... I dunno. Apropos of a rising interest among the suckers lately, I guess. In that the Cubs have become a hot commodity again in Chicago. Whoops.


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