Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"I am the king of the divan" — Today in Advertising Today Today

I noticed last night that a new Pepsi commercial features a version of the old Plastic Bertrand song "Ca Plane Pour Moi" (best Belgian punk song ever!), which turns out to have been a cover version by The Presidents of the United States of America ... although I'm sorry to say, their version kinda sucks. There are several much better versions of the song out there in "out there" land. Besides, it's in "foreign" -- not too edgy, Pepsi! Woulda been better to go with Elton Motello's lyrically modified English version, "Jet Boy, Jet Girl," with its spit-take-inducing refrain, "He gives me head!" Now that's marketing.

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Mr. Insert Namehere said...

I've recently heard a Wicke's furniture ad on the radio that is a take on the song "Brick House," but instead of the original lyrics, it's "It's a Wickes.... House!"

Granted it is no ironical magillacuddy like your average song about kicking heroin being used for some vacation package, but it is still incongruous as hell.

I'm still predicting that one day GG Allin's "Expose Yourself to Kids" will be used for a McDonald's commercial, or similarly mundane business. It's the ultimate destination of this trend of completely removing context from all possible things, especially in advertising.